Recycling in Bolton, Greater Manchester (and how to do it efficiently)


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Fly-tipping has always been a problem, and in recent years it’s become something more of an issue, particularly in the Bolton area. An article in the Bolton Evening News this week highlighted the concerns of the fire service regarding arson attacks on dumped rubbish throughout the Borough.

So, what are the reasons behind it? Some blame the introduction of the new ‘slim bin’ however, getting rid of our rubbish has always been a problem. We’ve all seen examples of fly-tipping, from small items to the occasional bedframe. Fly-tipping is unsightly, costly and can be incredibly dangerous (particularly the illegal tipping of industrial waste).

While recycling has become increasingly popular. There is still an attitude of “not my problem” when it comes to the day to day responsibilities of separating our paper, plastics and green waste.

Once the bin has been collected we simply don’t give it another thought.
Thankfully schools now teach our children the importance of recycling and how big an impact our unwanted waste has on the environment.

Quite simply; we’re producing more rubbish than ever before, with UK landfill sites on the decline (in the EU landfill sites are now illegal). J Dickinson & Sons Ltd feel it is their social responsibility to divert 100% from landfill and strive for zero to landfill. Their 17 acre sites main purpose is to promote recycling in Bolton.

So what are the most efficient methods of recycling? Here’s a few:

Recycle ALL your plastic! Plastic is one of THE most destructive materials for the environment due to its lack of biodegradability

Get organised, having separate containers for your paper, plastics, glass and tins etc. is the only way!

Obviously most food stuffs can’t be recycled, however, veggies, fruit, herb and organic material (egg shells for example) can be turned into compost. It’s the most natural way to recycle and is great for your garden

Whatever you do, get rid of larger items in a legitimate way, it is illegal to simply ‘dump’ furniture or bin bags full of rubbish on the street and you could face a hefty fine! If you have a lot of stuff to get rid of hire a skip. Check out your local firms for skip hire offers if you’re trying to keep costs down

Start them young, teach your little ones about their responsibility to the environment, this doesn’t just mean recycling it also means encouraging them not to drop waste on the streets

If you’re unsure about bin collection dates or any recycling issues contact your local council. For further information about local waste disposal services in Bolton visit the Bolton council bins and recycling

If you’re looking for skip hire in Bolton visit J Dickinson & Sons Ltd website or contact their team on 01204 696446.

Planning a New Year Declutter? Why Hiring a Skip is a Great Option

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The New Year marks for many of us a new beginning, and a fresh start. The beginning of the year has traditionally been a time for getting your house in order. Whether it’s a spring clean, or a project on more of a 60 – minute makeover scale. There’s something satisfying about getting rid of the old to make way for the new.

If you are planning on decluttering your house over the coming weeks, hiring a skip could be the best decision you make. So, why hire a skip from J Dickinson & Sons Ltd? Here are a few good reasons;

1. Half price skip-hire this January with their 50% off winter offer *
2. A safe, legal and efficient method of waste disposal
3. Take the stress out of getting rid of your household waste, from mattresses to old electrical goods
4. Environmentally friendly, 75% of the waste collected is then recycled at their onsite recycling unit
5. A variety of skip sizes to suit your needs

If you’re worried about what size skip you may need; calling your local skip hire firm can settle any questions you may have. A good rule of thumb is a 2-yard skip holds approximately 30-35 black bin bags of rubbish.

Obviously for bigger items a bigger skip will be required, and don’t forget they need to be level filled! The last thing you want is to spend a couple of days and a whole lot of energy, only to have to remove items sticking out or hanging over the edge of your skip.

For more information about skip hire Bolton visit J Dickinson & Sons Ltd website at or call their team on 01204 696446 to discuss your requirements.

* Winter offer Ts & Cs: Only available on 2-7 yard skips within a 12 kilometre radius of our site

J Dickinson & Sons are proud to announce that our new website it now live!


With the advent of the New Year J Dickinson & Sons are proud to announce that our new website it now live. With over 70 years’ experience in the business, we know the importance of keeping up with the latest technology and so our site is fully responsive across all platforms meaning our customers can even get a skip hire quote on the go.

We’ve been given a bit of a facelift and have made our site easier to navigate for a better user experience. There’s a handy skip hire quote form on every page and we’ve freshened up our content. There’s information on all our services and our blog will be updated with all the latest news from J Dickinson & Sons.

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