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Make the most of empty rooms with north-west skip hire

22 August 2019

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If you have an empty bedroom or kids heading off to university this September, don’t miss out on the chance to add some liveable space or extra value to your home with the help of northwest skip hire.

According to research by AA Financial Services, 37% of people in the northwest say they have no plans to redecorate their child’s bedroom when they leave for university.

That’s the highest of any region in the UK – 3% more than the national average – and a sure sign that many homes in the northwest could be missing out on added value and usable space.

Best uses for a spare room

If you’re wondering what to do with that room once it’s empty, there are plenty of choices.

The most obvious is to make it into a guest bedroom, which 29% of people nationwide say they would do.

This way, you don’t lose out on the number of bedrooms in your home, and your child still has somewhere to sleep when they visit or during the holidays.

But you also gain a room that’s a little less personal to your child and a little more suitable for having other guests to stay now you have more space.

Other ways to redecorate a spare room

You could be more ambitious – and if you want to change the function of the room, our northwest skip hire services are on hand to help you clear it out.

Some common suggestions include turning it into a study (17% of people), a games room (13%) or fitting it out as a storeroom (10%).

There are plenty of niche ideas too – 6% would like to build a walk-in wardrobe, 5% a home gym, and 2% would like to redecorate a spare room specifically for their pets to use!

With 34% nationwide saying they plan to keep the room as-is for their child to come back home to, that leaves two-thirds of parents with plans to give their newly vacated room a makeover, often within days of the university term starting.

How to clear out a spare room

Your child might have taken many of their possessions with them – such as clothes, computer equipment and so on – while much of what they leave behind is likely to be junk.

That’s not to say you need to throw away all signs that they ever lived at home, but hiring a skip is a good first step to give you plenty of space for the things you choose not to keep.

Hire a skip for a week and you can spend a day or two on the clear-out, before starting on the DIY and redecorating to give new life to the room.

This is doubly true in the northwest where many parents leave that empty room untouched, giving you a great opportunity to add extra value to your home compared with your neighbours.

Get stuck in and you could have usable, valuable space before Freshers’ Week is over!

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