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Who invented the skip?

Ever since Steve Coogan’s hapless radio host asked the question during an episode of I’m Alan Partridge, “Who invented the skip?” has become a catchphrase much loved by fans of the show. AP repeatedly asks the question to one caller into his fictitious radio show, until the befuddled listener hazards a guess that the original […]

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Five ways to make better use of your skip

We provide skip hire in Bolton and across Greater Manchester for all sorts of different projects, from house and garden DIY projects to professional refurbishments. Hiring a skip is a great way to get all the capacity you need for bulky waste materials, heavy waste or mixed materials, but there are a few things you […]

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Why are skip sizes given in bin bags?

When you hire a skip, you’ll notice the different skip sizes are given in two different ways. The first is cubic yards, and even though many other weights and measures now use the metric system, you’ll rarely see skip sizes quoted in cubic metres. It’s a bit of a throwback, but it’s the way it’s […]

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Five top tips for better DIY projects

Many of our Bolton skip hire customers are planning home improvements, and with the lighter evenings of summer coming up, it’s the perfect time of year to finish off any DIY projects you delayed during winter. Here are five top tips for things you should keep in mind when planning DIY projects, including a few […]

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