Small skip hire to suit all sizes of DIY and domestic jobs

J Dickinson & Sons skip

J Dickinson’s small skip hire means you don’t have to get a full-sized skip for domestic DIY jobs – unless you need one, of course.

We have small skip hire available starting from 2 cubic yards, a low-profile walk-in skip suitable for small amounts of waste and especially small amounts of soil or rubble from garden work.

Our walk-in skips are particularly good for domestic jobs and DIY, as they have a very low point of entry, making it easy to carry or wheel waste materials into the skip itself.

Alternatively, we have traditional bucket skips to hire starting from 4 cubic yards, and these feature a dropped end that creates a ramp – so again, you can wheel waste into the skip using a wheelbarrow.

Finally for maximum security, our 8 cubic yards lockable bucket skips give you large capacity for more extensive domestic DIY projects, with a lockable lid to keep the contents inside and prevent illegal dumping into your skip prior to collection.

All of this helps to make sure you have access to small skip hire when you’re planning smaller DIY projects and domestic refurbishments, so you can still benefit from our high standard of service and peace of mind over where your waste is going.

The right way to keep domestic waste out of landfill

At J Dickinson we always aim for a 100% reuse or recycle rate, so nothing goes to landfill – instead, recyclable materials are separated out and turned into new useful products, and non-recyclable waste can be used for energy generation.

We do more than most to reuse the materials we collect via domestic and industrial skip hire. Just take a look at our Aggregates page to see the various different materials, from sand and gravel, to rock salt, soil and compost, that we recover from skips and sell for reuse.

This helps to keep our skip hire prices down, as sending waste to landfill costs nearly £90 a tonne in tax – and using our reputable skip hire service means there’s no risk of fly tipping, which costs taxpayers £57 million a year in clean-up costs according to the BSIA, the trade association of the UK security industry.

It’s important to tackle this figure, which rose 13% in 2017-18, both to keep costs down and to keep domestic and commercial waste from being dumped either out in the countryside, or in abandoned and short-term rented warehouses for the landlord to deal with later.

Everyone can do their bit to dispose of domestic waste correctly – and our small skip hire sizes mean we can often place your skip on your property rather than at the roadside where other people might dump their rubbish in it.

To find out more or to decide what size of domestic skip you need to hire for an upcoming project, contact J Dickinson & Sons today. You can call us on 01204 890702 or email and we will do our best to help you choose the right size of skip for your next DIY project.

How to ensure secure skip hire in Bolton

J Dickinson & Sons yellow skip

None of us are fans of fly tipping, and as the evenings get darker throughout the winter, it’s even more important to ensure secure skip hire in Bolton so other local residents don’t take advantage of your skip.

There’s more at stake than just using up your skip capacity – if someone throws restricted or hazardous materials into your skip or overloads it past the maximum fill level, we might be unable to collect it.

With some simple precautions, you can ensure secure skip hire in Bolton, so when your collection date arrives, we can take away your waste and nobody else’s, without any problems or delays.

Safe and sound and off the streets

One of the easiest and best ways to guarantee secure Bolton skip hire is to have your skip delivered to an off-the-road location, ideally behind lockable security gates.

For domestic customers, even just having it on your driveway behind locked garden gates makes it much more difficult for anyone to pull up alongside in a van and dump their own rubbish in your skip.

If you think you have a suitable location where we can drop your skip off, we’d be happy to discuss this beforehand and let you know if there’s likely to be any access issues with getting our delivery truck to the location.

Lidded and locked

Wherever your skip is located, it makes good sense to choose a skip with a lockable lid if possible. We have lockable skips available immediately for skip hire delivery in Greater Manchester with capacity of up to eight cubic yards – more than enough for most domestic projects and some commercial contracts too.

A lid puts a physical barrier between your skip and any would-be fly-tippers, but it also helps to keep the contents shielded against any rough weather conditions overnight.

For this reason, it’s a win-win option for skip hire delivery in Greater Manchester, a region known for its poor weather, particularly as we move into the winter months.

Get it gone!

Finally, nobody can dump their stuff in your skip if it has already gone, so work with a North West skip hire provider that can collect your skip promptly when it’s full, at a time that’s convenient for you.

At J Dickinson we’re open Monday to Saturday, excluding bank holidays, and during office hours we’re just a phone call away if you need us.

That means when it’s time to get your skip collected, you can just give us a call on 01204 696446 or email and we’ll send someone out from our Materials Recycling Facility in Bolton to remove your waste.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most responsive North West skip hire providers – we can provide the permits for your skip to stay at the roadside, and the paperwork to show that your waste has been disposed of legally, and we aim to recycle 100% of the materials we collect from our hired skips across Bolton, Greater Manchester and the North West.

Bolton skip hire companies keep businesses on the right side of the law

Reputable Bolton skip hire companies provide an essential service helping businesses and residential customers alike to dispose of waste on the right side of the law.

In late August, Bolton Council’s Environmental Services Scrutiny Committee held its latest meeting, where it heard evidence from council officer Andy Bolan about the scale of fly tipping in the area.

He explained that through education, local residents and businesses are doing their part to ensure waste is disposed of correctly – even forming clean-up crews in some cases to clear away illegally tipped waste.

But there is still a substantial problem of businesses failing to meet their obligations when disposing of waste, for example by failing to get adequate proof of disposal.

Changing behaviour around fly tipping and disposing of waste

Bolton Council created ‘behaviour change teams’ as part of efforts to make savings and efficiencies within the council, but also to improve the visual environment of the borough.

These teams have helped to inspire many people in the area to improve their behaviour not only in relation to their own waste, but also when they encounter littering and fly tipping in public spaces.

“Also mentioned were matters around residents taking ownership of fly tipping incidents, volunteering in Bolton with over 8,000 volunteer occasions last year in Bolton … and over 3,000 businesses contacted regarding their trade waste arrangements,” the minutes of the meeting state.

Penalties for fly tipping in Bolton

While many residents are doing their part to reduce the impact of fly tipping in Bolton, there are still others including individuals and businesses who are contributing to the problem and all of its associated costs and environmental issues.

Mr Bolan added that over 850 fixed penalty notices have been handed out since 2015, while the committee also noted the introduction of the new £400 charge and other fees per incident for fly tipping offences.

The committee discussed some of the problems of relying on teams of residents to clean up waste as volunteers, such as the lack of third-party liability insurance for those who take part, as well as the importance of being able to check that Bolton waste disposal operators are licensed and bona fide.

A Bolton skip hire provider you can trust

You can’t get a much more trustworthy and reliable Bolton waste disposal contractor than J Dickinson & Sons Skip Hire, with four generations of family history in the firm and our fully environmentally licensed recycling facility on Station Road, Blackrod.

For trade users we can arrange skip hire for waste disposal directly on your premises, or we also have a weigh bridge and self tipping area at our Station Road Materials Recycling Facility, where we can also accept commercial waste.

Continued investment over the generations has allowed us to build a licensed state-of-the-art recycling facility so as much of your waste as possible is diverted away from landfill and is screened, shredded and crushed ready for reprocessing.

Through all of this we work hard to make sure we give Bolton businesses the skip hire services and waste disposal options you need, all within the ever-changing laws and legislation that apply to business waste disposal.

Last-minute skip hire for August bank holiday

Last-minute skip hire for August bank holiday

The summer bank holiday lands on Monday, August 27th, and it signals the start of the countdown to winter and (dare we say it) the Christmas season – but there’s still time to arrange last-minute skip hire for August bank holiday and the weeks that follow.

Subject to availability of different sizes of skip hire, we can organise delivery of a skip to your property as soon as possible, so you can make the most of these remaining weeks of summer and get any DIY and home improvement projects finished in daylight.

Remember, on Sunday, September 23rd, it’s the Autumn Equinox – the day on which there’s the same number of hours of daylight and of night-time, and after that the days will be shorter than the nights.

So make the best of the remaining warmer weather, and finish off any refurbishments and renovations that you might have abandoned during the recent heat wave, when it was too hot to do much in homes and business premises that weren’t equipped with air conditioning.

Ideas for autumn skip hire in Bolton

We’ve put together a few ideas for autumn skip hire in Bolton, based on some of the most common home improvements carried out in the north-west.

You might want to consider:

• Installing new radiators that heat your home more efficiently for winter.
• Installing air conditioning ready for next summer, following several hot years.
• Redecorating tired old wallpaper and paintwork, and treating damp.
• Replacing old laminate floors that have started to creak and crack underfoot.
• Fitting a plush new carpet in your master bedroom for toasty feet this winter.

Not every home improvement project needs an industrial size skip, but with our Bolton skip hire starting from just a couple of cubic yards, we have the right size for your project, whatever you’re planning.

For a full guide to our different skip hire sizes and which one might be right for you, take a look at our blog from last month for the full run-through.

Skip hire delivery in Bolton and Greater Manchester

We can arrange skip hire delivery in Bolton and Greater Manchester, and other locations in the North West, and we understand that sometimes you need last-minute skip hire because a project is bigger than expected, another North West skip hire provider has let you down, or you simply forgot!

In many cases if needed, we can organise skip hire delivery in Greater Manchester and other nearby locations on a next-day basis, and we can take payment over the phone to make sure there’s no delay due to payment processing.

Where possible, it’s better to have a hired skip on your own property, rather than in a public place – this is just better for security and to prevent anyone dumping their own waste in it overnight – but if you do need your skip to go on a public roadside, we can arrange any necessary permits for this.

To make an enquiry, fill in our online contact form, or if you need last-minute skip hire at extremely short notice, give us a call on 01204 696446 and we can advise you of what sizes of skip we have available that we can deliver to your premises as soon as possible.

Five skip hire sizes for summer garden projects

The UK is currently enjoying a long hot summer, so why not take the chance to carry out some summer garden projects and give yourself a new way to cook outdoors or cool off on a hot day?

Here are five summer garden projects you might want to consider, along with the five skip hire sizes that are best suited to the job.

Remember these skip hire sizes are just a guide – the best skip to hire for your particular job may differ depending on exactly how much landscaping or excavation is involved.

Barbecue/Pizza Oven – 2 cubic yards walk-in

Building something like a brick barbecue or pizza oven doesn’t usually create much waste, but you might have some unwanted bricks leftover or some earth you dug out from the foundations or footings.

A 2 cubic yard walk-in skip is an easy way to get rid of small quantities of garden waste as you can wheel a barrow directly into it, without having to lift anything over the sides.

Hot Tub – 3 cubic yards

If you’re splashing out to install a hot tub, there’s usually not a huge amount of waste. It sits above ground, so no excavating, although you might need to lay a concrete base, and you might have timber off-cuts if you build a shelter over your hot tub for rainy days.

A 3 cubic yard walk-in skip is a convenient way to get rid of small amounts of waste, and is a good middle-ground option if you think 4 cubic yards would be too much, but want a bit more capacity than our smallest 2 cubic yard skips.

Greenhouse – 4 cubic yards

Again, a greenhouse itself doesn’t generally create much waste during installation, although there may be protective packaging over the glass.

This time though, you usually will need to dig foundations, as modern greenhouses usually sit on concrete footings or a low brick wall that extends below the ground – so give yourself some spare capacity for any excess dirt you dig out, as well as spare bricks you don’t want to keep.

Fish Pond – 6 cubic yards

There’s a surprising amount of earth involved when you dig out a fish pond – and even more in a swimming pool, as we’ll explain below.

But because they are typically an irregular shape and shallow at the sides, a 6 cubic yard skip will often be enough to remove the dirt you dig out when creating a rigid-side or flexible liner fish pond – again, do the calculations beforehand to check you don’t need a bigger size than this.

Swimming Pool – 8 cubic yards (and more!)

If you’re digging out a below-ground swimming pool, work out how much earth you need to excavate before you begin.

Remember, every cube measuring three feet along each side is a cubic yard – equivalent to about three quarters of a cubic metre – so every cube of six feet in each dimension is eight cubic yards.

You might be able to use some of the excavated earth to fill in dips and hollows elsewhere in your garden, but if you want it taking away, you’ll want to hire an 8 cubic yard skip for every six-foot cube you dig out.

Plenty of DIY jobs for the summer – but which skip do you need?

It’s shaping up to be a hot summer, if a little cloudy at times, and that means there are some DIY jobs that more of us will be considering around the house; but which skip do you need for some of the common summertime household renovations?

Garden Clearance

Garden clearance is a satisfying DIY job that can be done in less than a day for smaller gardens, and it’s a great way to get some time outside on a fine summer’s day.

When the weather is hot though, you don’t want to be carrying tons of garden waste around, so it’s sensible to get a walk-in skip delivered close to where you are working, and which allows you to use a wheelbarrow to dump the waste into it.

If you have secure gates on your driveway, ask if your skip can be placed behind these, as it reduces the risk of passers-by dumping their own waste on top of yours, and this is an extra help if everything you’ve put in the skip is biodegradable or compostable garden waste.

Conservatory or Greenhouse

A conservatory is the larger undertaking but both structures typically need you to dig out foundations for a level poured concrete base on which to build – and that’s going to mean some landscaping.

Although it’s not as back-breaking work as it sounds, providing you’re physically fit or can get some friends round to help, there can be substantial quantities of earth, topsoil and general rubble to dispose of.

Unless you’re planning to build a raised flowerbed or rockery alongside your new greenhouse or conservatory, a skip is probably the best and easiest way to get rid of the excess – just multiply the floor area of your foundations by how deep you intend to dig, and you’ll have a rough estimate of the minimum skip size you need.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning – or ‘central air’ to use the American term – is not common in the UK, but it can have a huge impact on your comfort levels if you’re someone who really feels the heat of summer.

Installing central air conditioning is a big job – think on a par with installing central heating from scratch – and will often form part of new construction, including house extensions, or complete property renovations.

Because of this, it’s one job that will usually need a much bigger skip to deal with all the rubble that is generated.

Need help choosing a skip?

We’re happy to help with any enquiries – just ask and we can offer some suggestions on the size and type of skip we think you need.

It’s often better to go a size bigger if you’re not sure, as that reduces your risk of running out of room or of over-filling your skip to a point where we are unable to safely collect it.

Alternatively of course, you can start with a small domestic skip and if you find it is not enough, we can remove that load of rubble and rubbish, and replace it with another empty skip – a good scalable option if you don’t want to pay upfront for capacity you might not need.

How to choose the right skip for your home improvement project

How to choose the right skip for your home improvement project

Home improvement projects can get messy, and many people are caught off-guard by the sheer bulk of stripped wallpaper or ripped-up carpet and floorboards – and that’s even before you knock any walls or plasterboard out.

So how do you choose the right skip for a home improvement project? Obviously it depends on the scale of the project, the size of any rooms being renovated, the number of rooms, and so on.

There are a few general rules of thumb to follow though. Our walk-in skip hire is popular with householders as you generally don’t need any special lifting equipment to load waste into the skip – you can just walk it in using a wheelbarrow or on foot.

If you’re on the cusp between two skip sizes, it’s often a good idea to hire a skip of the next size up. You may pay a little more but it’s better to have the extra room for any waste you haven’t taken into account, rather than face the extra cost and delay of waiting for a whole new skip to be delivered when your too-small skip is full.

And if you’re planning something on a grand scale, our 8 cubic yard skips still give you a walk-in ramp but have the option of a lockable lid, so you won’t wake up to a mattress or a Mini dumped in your skip overnight.

What size skip do I need for my DIY project?

Our walk-in skips start from 2 cubic yards and are often referred to as ‘mini skips’ in the trades – although if you’re sure it’s the size you need, then there’s no reason to go larger.

Mini skips are suited to fairly small DIY projects, such as clearing a garden or renovating a single room, and especially if the waste you produce will be fairly contained or compacted.

For bulkier waste, you can start to consider larger sizes. We have 3 cubic yard skips if you just want a little extra space – for example if you’re not sure 2 cubic yards will be enough, or you know your project is slightly bigger than the typical household home improvement.

Medium or ‘midi skips’ come in at around 4 cubic yards. We still offer walk-in midi skips, but you’ll start to see the sides take on that familiar bucket skip shape rather than just a low enclosure.

‘Maxi skips’ are at the upper end of the range for domestic DIY projects, starting from 6 cubic yards up to our biggest domestic skips at 8 cubic yards.

You have a few options here – choose a vertically sided walk-in enclosure or a traditional bucket skip shape with a low entry ramp, both of which are suitable for wheelbarrow entry.

As mentioned above, you can also specify a lockable lid on 8 cubic yard bucket skips, giving you extra peace of mind and making this an excellent option if you will need to leave your skip out by the public roadside overnight.

Spring cleaning – What skip do you need?

Spring cleaning - What skip do you need?

Spring cleaning has a different meaning for different people, from a quick dust and polish around the house, to more ambitious redecorating and refurbishing – so what skip do you need for spring cleaning in your household?

Our residential skip hire covers all the bases so however ambitious your spring cleaning might be this year, we’ve got the skip you need to dispose of any waste.

Paint and polish

Spring cleaning is a time when you’ll often get through more materials – some of which can be quite bulky – than you do at other times of year.

That might mean empty containers that once held hazardous cleaning fluids, and are not suitable for disposal in household recycling bins, as well as things like dust sheets and empty paint tubs that just take up a lot of space.

Remember you don’t have to fill a skip for it to be worth hiring a domestic skip – our smaller sizes are ideal for small quantities of waste such as those involved with regular spring cleaning activities.

Rubble and renovations

For more extensive refurbishments and renovations, including house extensions, there’s likely to be all manner of rubble, plasterboard, spare bricks and other building materials to dispose of.

Again, it’s unlikely the bin men will take too kindly to a domestic wheelie bin full of bricks and plaster, so hire a domestic skip and make sure it’s got the capacity to handle all the waste you generate.

Unlike many other companies that provide skip hire in Bolton and the north-west, most of our residential skip hire only supplies walk-in containers – that means you don’t have to wheel a wheelbarrow up a steep ramp to dump waste inside.

Instead, you just have a low, convenient point of entry so it should be easy to get your waste materials into the skip, even if you don’t have any specialist equipment (or even a wheelbarrow) in your home.

Gardens and greenhouses

If your idea of spring cleaning involves getting the garden back to its best, then our skips are an eco-friendly skip hire option too.

Remember, even if you have a garden waste recycling bin, it usually won’t accept soil and might not allow woody growth like hardy shrub branches.

Likewise, your domestic glass recycling bin typically will not accept window glass, which includes the panes of a greenhouse if you are replacing or repairing those.

With domestic skip hire, you get a single convenient place to dispose of all your garden waste including soil, glass and rocks, without having to worry about which is the right bin, or even if you can put it in the bin at all.

Parking and permits

Finally, don’t worry if you don’t have a driveway, as we can deliver your skip to the roadside and arrange the necessary permit for it to stay there until collection.

We can provide you with all the paperwork you need to show that your waste has been removed for recycling and disposal – and we aim for 100% recycling or reuse, so that in most cases, nothing at all goes to land fill.

New Year… New Home?

We’ve all seen the ‘New Year, New You’ features in magazines and on lifestyle blogs, encouraging people to lose weight, or join a gym, or quit smoking, but those ‘makeover’ type New Year’s Resolutions are not for everyone.

An alternative is to give your home a makeover – even in a single room or outside in the garden – as this can transform your living space and help you to find a new lease of life in 2018.

In fact, even just the process of dumping a room’s contents into a hired domestic skip and starting from scratch can be really cathartic, so if you’ve felt stuck in a rut during the winter months, now might be the time to capitalise on those extra few minutes of sunlight each new day brings.

You are not alone

Remember, you don’t have to do it alone. There are plenty of tradespeople on hand to provide the electrician services, plumbing, decorating and skip hire Bolton households need to carry out domestic renovations – so even if you live alone, there’s support for the trickier parts.

Hiring a domestic skip gives you somewhere to dump all of your rubbish, so you don’t have to take heavy furniture to the local tip alone – if it’s not in good enough condition to sell second-hand, you can smash it up and put it into the skip as several smaller pieces that are easier to handle.

This gets even more helpful if you don’t have a car – or at least, if you don’t have a hatchback suitable for transporting large furniture – as your skip hire company will leave your skip within easy reach at the edge of your property or on your unoccupied driveway.

Plenty of choice

Depending on which room or area you choose to decorate, the job can be as big or as small as you make it, from an afternoon spent refreshing the paintwork to completely gutting a kitchen or bathroom and starting over.

If you don’t want to disrupt your living space, think about doing some work in the garden. You could dig new flowerbeds, build raised beds or rockeries, a fish pond, or even install artificial grass for minimal upkeep in the future.

The choice is yours – it’s your home, after all – and with versatile domestic skip hire, Bolton residents have the options they need when it comes to disposing of any waste created by the process.

Sooner is better

It’s easy to give in to the temptation to delay any major upheavals, but it’s also worth making a start sooner rather than later.

The sooner you start, the longer you will have to enjoy your transformed living space, and it makes good sense to get garden transformations finished before spring arrives, so new planting and real-grass lawns can grow in during the main season for growth.

Besides all of that, New Year’s Resolutions can quickly fall by the wayside once January is out of the way – so be proactive about your home makeover, and you will have something to show people when they ask if you are making a change in 2018.

Will this be a DIY Bank Holiday Weekend for you?

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The last Bank Holiday of May is just around the corner, so, what do you have planned? Or, more importantly, what have you had planned for you?! For many of us the extra day off work a Bank Holiday brings means only one thing… DIY!

From simple gardening jobs to major renovation projects, we seem to see our bank holidays as an opportunity to work on our homes rather than use this bonus time off for what it’s intended, a holiday! Before you do anything make sure you have local skip hire sorted and everything you need to get started!

If you are thinking of cracking on with household improvements you’ve been putting off this May 29th, here are a few tips on ‘doing up’ your home this weekend;

Be realistic, possibly our favourite tip, if in doubt, get the professionals out… We’ve all been guilty of biting off more than we can chew, if your project requires aerobatics to paint the ceiling or you’ve never plastered a wall before, stick with the people who know what they’re doing!

Ask for help! Don’t get stuck on a roof/up a ladder/drill through a water pipe all because you’re too proud to ask a friend or neighbour for their help/advice

Google/YouTube it, there are mountains of tutorials available on t’internet, make good use of them. It’s surprising how many top tips and advice you can come across

See it through, one of the major issues with starting a DIY project is not finishing it. Who hasn’t started painting the hall, got distracted and lived with a half-painted wall for 6-months? Ok, maybe just me…

Reward yourself! Another beauty, if you do work your socks off on this most precious of weekends, make sure you treat yourself to a little something at the end of it, you’re worth it!

If you do have plans for clearing out the garage/demolishing/renovating/major gardening this weekend & require a skip, contact J Dickinson & Sons for skip hire in Bolton. If you sort your waste on site you may even be eligible for cashback on your skip hire!

Visit their website at or call 01204 696446 to speak to their friendly team!