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J Dickinson & Sons offer specialist commercial waste collection services to businesses in Greater Manchester. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and a reliable service that can handle your business waste.

We offer environmentally-friendly waste solutions to businesses as we understand how workplaces can become cluttered with unwanted litter and trade waste is something that needs to be disposed of properly and efficiently.

We offer a range of commercial trade bins that can suit any workplace. If you need a small commercial wheelie bin or a large 4 wheeler, we’ve got you covered.

Read on to find out more information about our commercial bin collection service or contact us for a quote and to arrange your commercial bin today.

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What is classed as commercial waste?

Any type of waste that is produced by a business is considered to be commercial waste. Commercial waste can accumulate in any business sector – from construction to hospitality.

There can be confusion around the distinction between commercial and domestic waste. Waste that is produced by a business in any form includes – but is not limited to – paper, cardboard, retail packaging, food waste and must be disposed of separately to domestic waste.

You should not dispose of commercial waste in your personal domestic bin.

What can go in a J Dickinson bin?

General waste

General Refuse

Polystyrene & Plastic

Items that can’t go in recycling

Clinical Waste

Batteries & Electrical Waste

Hazardous Waste


Glass Bottles

Drinking Glasses

Glass Jars


Caps & Lids

Glass with contents in


Plastics Bottles, Tubs & Pots

Drinking Glasses

Cans & Tins

Glass Bottle & Jars


Batteries & Electrical Waste

Paper or cardboard

row of bins

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What can I put in my commercial bin?

Our bins can accommodate both general and dry mixed recyclable waste. Our 240 litre bin can contain a mixture of general and recyclable waste (e.g. glass and food), whereas our larger 660 and 1100 litre bins should be used to contain just general waste and cardboard materials.

If you’re unsure about what can go in your bin, please contact us.

What do you do with commercial waste?

We will collect commercial waste and transport it to our 17-acre on site recycling and disposal facilities, where it will be sorted into recyclable and non-recyclable materials.

We take pride in our recycling services and will make sure that any recyclable waste is prioritised and disposal is minimised to reduce any negative impact on the environment.


What responsibility do businesses have for commercial waste?

Companies have a responsibility to dispose of waste ethically and environmentally. It is against the law to dispose of commercial waste improperly as this can have a serious impact on the environment.

If waste is not collected, sorted and disposed of in the correct manner, it can be fly tipped or sent to landfill sites unnecessarily where it will contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

Failing to dispose of commercial waste securely and in the correct way can also harm the reputation of your business as well as the planet. This is why at J Dickinson & Sons, we have a duty of care to waste management and are committed to project green and ethical waste solutions.

Frequently asked questions

What is classed as commercial waste?

Any waste that is generated from a business and commercial setting is classed as commercial waste. This includes waste generated in offices, warehouses and shops.

How do I get rid of commercial waste?

Businesses are required to dispose of commercial waste environmentally and securely. This is why soliciting the services of a certified waste management company for a reliable service is important for making sure that you aren’t breaking any laws or unintentionally harming the environment.

Contact us for more information about our commercial bin collection service.

Why recycle your waste?

Recycling is not only beneficial to the environment and shows that your company is an ethical, forward thinking organisation but also it can save your business money. There can be hidden charges involved if you do not recycle.

How often do you collect waste?

J Dickinson & Sons can collect waste twice a week, once a week or once a fortnight depending on your business needs.

Contact us for more information about our commercial bin collection service.

Does location influence the price of your bins?

No location does not have any effect on the price of your bin collection as long as your business is in the area we service.

Do you have a collection schedule for each area?

Yes, we can provide a full monthly schedule of collections, along with the type of waste stream we will be collecting on each day.

What can you put in a bin?

To see what you can put in our bins, you can download our PDF here.

Where should I leave my bin on collection day?

Please leave the bin outside your domestic  or commercial property in an easily accessible, non-obstructive place. Bins should be level filled with the lids closed to avoid any extra charges.

What is hazardous waste?

Hazardous waste is considered to be waste that poses a risk to public health and the environment. Some examples of hazardous waste include solvents, paints and aerosols.

Do you collect hazardous waste?

J Dickinson & Sons do not collect any type of hazardous waste, including liquid hazardous waste. If you need to dispose of hazardous waste, you must seek the services of a specialist hazardous waste removal company.

DO NOT try to dispose of hazardous waste yourself.

How much does your bin collection service cost?

Contact us to get a free quote on your commercial bin collection service.

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