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Commercial Bin Collection Chorley

Chorley, the picturesque northern market town of Lancashire is a bustling hub that draws both locals and tourists alike. Understandably, with such a heavy footfall, Chorley bin collections are a big priority for businesses in the town.

Recognising the essential need for a reliable bin collection in Chorley, we take pride in offering a tailored solution that stands out in the region.

Looking for a bin collection service in Chorley? Here’s what we can do at J Dickinson & Sons:

  • Free delivery: We will cover the cost of delivery.
  • Eco-friendly promise: Our aim is to recycle 100% of the waste, ensuring it’s managed safely and responsibly.
  • Regular Pick-ups: We schedule frequent bin collections to cater to your needs.

Many businesses trust and rely on us to manage all their bin collections in Chorley, disposing of their waste on a regular basis so they can stay compliant. With us, you can enjoy the same seamless waste management experience.

Interested in commercial bins in Chorley?

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Looking for commercial bin collections in Chorley?

We’ve got you covered. Here at J Dickinson & Sons, we’ve been in the business for over 80 years and we pride ourselves on our high level of service. That’s why, if you choose us for your Chorley bin collections:

  • You won’t be tied into any contracts
  • You won’t be charged for weekly rentals
  • You can enjoy one point of contact throughout the whole process
  • You can rest assured your waste is dealt with in an environmentally friendly way

Our Chorley bin collection facilities

If you need commercial bins in Chorley for your business waste, our 17-acre recycling facility can handle it all.

  • Group

    Full Environmental Licensed Recycling Facility

  • Group

    On-site Transfer Station

  • Group

    Shredding, Crushing and Screening Facilities

  • Group


  • Group

    Commercial Self Tipping Area

  • Group

    50m Picking Station

Why choose us for your Chorley bin collections?

Here at J Dickinson & Sons, we offer specialist waste management throughout the entire Chorley area. We take pride in our strong green commitment, developing a state-of-the-art 17-acre recycling and disposal facility.

Our flexible and regular Chorley bin collections can work around your schedule, on a weekly or fortnightly basis. And, because we believe in being transparent, you won’t find any hidden costs or be forced to commit to long-term contracts.

So, if you’re looking for help with your commercial bins in Chorley, you can count on us for an easy, affordable and convenient service.

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How many litres are in a standard wheelie bin?

A standard wheelie bin can hold anywhere from 60 litres to 240 litres, with the average council bin holding 240 litres. Here at J Dickinson & Sons, we offer a range of different sizes to suit your waste needs.

What are examples of commercial waste?

Commercial waste covers any type of waste a business produces. This can include recyclable materials, such as cardboard and plastics, alongside general waste, like packaging and food waste.

How often do you collect?

We can collect your business bins in Chorley twice weekly, weekly or fortnightly – just choose the option that suits your schedule.

What time will my bin get emptied?

Your bins will be collected on the same day each week, or every two weeks depending on your requirements. Our collections start from 6am and we do ask that your bin is put out and accessible from this time to ensure it’s emptied.

What day will my bin get emptied?

The day your bin gets emptied will be confirmed with you ahead of you setting up your account and the bin being delivered. The bin will be emptied on the same day each week or every two weeks, depending on your needs.

Where do I leave my bin?

We request that bins are left in an accessible area from 6am, with no obstructions to ensure the bin can be emptied on your scheduled day.

Do you provide collection schedules for each area?

Yes, we provide full monthly schedules of collections, along with the type of waste we will collect on each day.

Are your wheelie bins eco-friendly?

Yes, our wheelie bins are environmentally friendly, as they are made with eco-friendly materials and can be recycled.

What other areas do we cover?

Here’s a list of the areas we cover:

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