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1100 Litre Wheelie Bin Service

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1100 litre wheelie bins service in Bolton

J Dickinson & Sons provides a range of commercial bins, suitable for containing small to medium quantities of commercial waste.

For businesses that produce larger-scale amounts of business waste, we provide a 1100 litre wheelie bin with four lockable wheels and a lockable lid for extra security.

Our 1100 litre flat lid bins are ideal for medium to large size businesses that generate bigger amounts of business waste.

Please note that our bins are also tested and accredited to the EN 840 European Standard.

Read on to find out more about our 1100 litre wheeled bin service or please call us today to get a free quote.

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What is commercial waste?

Commercial waste is considered to be any type of waste generated by a business. This can include general waste, retail packaging, food waste, paper, cardboard etc.

Businesses are liable for waste not being disposed of properly or responsibly, meaning that business owners can face hefty fines if they do not comply with legal requirements for waste management.

Commercial waste should not be placed into public bins or private domestic waste bins.

How big is the bin (1100 litre)?

Our 1100 litre 4-wheeler bins are a great choice for businesses who need to dispose of a significant amount of waste. Designed with four lockable wheels and a lid, our bins can contain larger amounts of business waste and are made to provide easy access and mobility.

How much can the 1100 litre bin hold?

Our large-scale 1100 litre bin can hold roughly 15-20 bin bags of waste.

1100 litre bin dimensions

1100 litre bin dimensions:

Length: 89.8cm
Height: 132.5cm
Width: 137cm

The benefits of the 1100 litre bin

Our 1100 litre bins are very convenient as they can contain a larger amount of general waste, making it easy to keep litter at bay. Our collection service is also flexible and allows you to organise a collection date and time that conveniences you.


Our 1100 litre bins are very convenient as they can contain a significant amount of general waste, making it easy to keep litter at bay. Our collection service is scheduled so you know when your collections are each week.


Our 1100 litre bins come with lockable lids and lockable wheels, providing extra security.


Our 1100 litre bins have a four-wheel design, making mobility extremely easy and convenient.

1100 litre bin collections by area

J Dickinson & Sons provide bin collections services in Bolton and across Greater Manchester. If your area is on the list, contact us to get a quote.

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Why choose J Dickinson & Sons for your wheelie bin service?

J Dickinson & Sons provide specialist waste management services across the North West, helping communities to keep waste levels down and help the environment. We have a strong green commitment which is why we invest so much into our impressive 17-acre on site facilities.

We offer, regular bin collections suitable for all types of businesses on a weekly or fortnightly basis. We do not impose any hidden costs nor will you find yourself having to commit to a lengthy contract.

Our bin collection service aims to make waste collection easy, affordable and convenient for all our business customers.

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Frequently asked questions

What are examples of commercial waste?

Commercial waste will typically consist of any waste produced by and on business premises. Commercial waste can consist of recyclable materials such as general waste, cardboard and plastics, packaging and food waste.

How often do you collect?

We offer twice weekly, weekly or fortnightly collections across the waste streams we collect.

What time will my bin get emptied?

A scheduled collection day will be confirmed to you. We are unable to give specific times the bin will be emptied due to traffic, but we will always work to any individual requirements of your business.

What day will my bin get emptied?

A day will be confirmed to you ahead of you’re account being set up and your bin being delivered

Where do I leave my bin?

Please leave the bin outside the property with easy access and not causing an obstruction.

Do you provide collection schedules for each area?

Yes, we can provide a full monthly schedule of collections, along with the type of waste streams we will be collecting on each day.

Are your wheelie bins eco-friendly?

Our wheelie bins are made using environmentally friendly materials and are also recyclable.

How is clinical waste treated?

J Dickinson & Sons do not dispose of hazardous waste, including clinical waste. The treatment of clinical waste (incl and ex vat) collection will be dependent on local authorities and how the clinical waste is classified.

What is a drop front wheelie bin?

A drop front wheelie bin is designed with a hinged front panel that drops down instead of a traditional lid.

What can you put in blue, green and black bins?

Blue bins are for containing recyclable waste, green bins are for containing garden waste and black bins are for containing general waste.

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