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Why are walk-in skips the best option?

12 February 2019

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At J Dickinson & Sons, most of the skip hire we provide in Bolton and across Greater Manchester comes in the form of walk-in skips, but what exactly does that mean, and why is it better?

As the name suggests, walk-in skips are designed in a way that allows you to walk directly into the skip. On small skip sizes that usually means one side of the skip swings open like saloon doors, and the flat base of the skip is close to the ground so you may not even need a ramp.

On larger skip sizes, the end is hinged downwards, so it folds down to create a natural ramp with just a low lip at the bottom.

Why are walk-in skips better?

The benefits of walk-in skips are pretty clear. By effectively removing one side of the skip, you don’t have to lift heavy waste such as rubble in order to get it into the skip.

You can easily carry waste into the skip by hand or use a wheelbarrow to wheel it in – our large walk-in skips naturally create their own ramp when the side is dropped, so there’s nothing to stop you pushing a wheelbarrow up and in.

We know structural work and garden landscaping can be heavy work, but with our walk-in skips it’s made that bit easier to dispose of your waste without quite so much heavy lifting.

How to use a walk-in skip

Again it’s not hard to use a walk-in skip but there are a few top tips that can make sure you get the most out of it when you hire a walk-in skip of any size:

You can use a good amount of the skip’s capacity before you have to close the side, and the top is still open for any remaining waste to go on top, up to the maximum fill line.

Size and shape of walk-in skips

We have walk-in skips ranging from 2 cubic yards right up to 8 cubic yards, and our biggest walk-in skips have the option of a lockable lid for extra security.

Larger skip sizes come in the traditional skip shape with sloped sides, including our 4 cubic yard and 8 cubic yard bucket skips, and these have the fold-down side that forms its own entry ramp.

Both of those sizes, along with 6 cubic yard, 3 cubic yard and 2 cubic yard walk-in skips are also available in a rectangular shape with straight sides, and these have the ‘saloon door’ style of double swing doors for entry.

You can see photos of all of our size and shape of walk-in skips on our Skip Hire page.

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