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Five ways to get cheap skip hire in Bolton

29 March 2019

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At J Dickinson we’re proud to offer cheap skip hire in Bolton – that’s cheap in cost, but not in quality, as our walk-in skips to hire for domestic use are ideal to avoid unnecessary heavy lifting.

But we know if you’re planning a DIY project, building an extension or landscaping your garden, you’re likely to be working to a budget.

With that in mind, here are five ways to get cheap skip hire in Bolton that go beyond the basic price to hire a skip from us.

1. Get the size right

Make sure you hire a skip that’s big enough for everything you want to throw away. If you’re not sure, or you’re close to the full capacity of one of our skips, it often pays to hire a bigger skip.

That might sound strange, but in the long run the small extra cost to hire a bigger skip can be better than paying to hire a second skip at short notice because your first one is full.

2. Get it collected sooner

We quote skip hire prices based on how long you will need your skip for – go past your expected collection date and you’ll rack up extra costs, so make sure you know your deadline and stick to it.

3. Don’t overfill it

Remember what we said about choosing the right size of skip to hire? This is where that pays off – not just because you avoid needing a second skip, but because if you overfill your first skip, we can’t collect it.

Whatever size of skip you hire, make sure you don’t go over the safe filling level. We can’t safely transport an overloaded skip so in real terms, there’s a cost saving to be made by allowing us to be able to collect it on the agreed date.

4. Locate it off-road

If you’re able to take delivery of your skip to an off-road location, ideally on your own private land behind a fence if possible, this can cut the cost of hiring a skip in Bolton, as it means we don’t have to pay the council for a permit to place the skip at the roadside.

Just make sure if your skip is in a secure location, that there’s someone there to give us access when we come to collect it!

5. Hire a walk-in skip

We love providing walk-in skips to hire for domestic DIY projects and other home renovations, because we know many of our domestic customers won’t have lifting equipment and not everybody is a bodybuilder.

By hiring a walk-in skip, you remove the need for mini cranes and you remove the danger of pushing a fully loaded wheelbarrow up a steep ramp – you can literally walk in and out of the skip at close to ground level with just a handful of rubbish at a time.

How does that save on cost? Well, it means you don’t have to hire any lifting equipment or pay someone to clear your waste when you’re finished, as you can load your skip yourself.

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