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Spring cleaning – What skip do you need?

27 March 2018

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Spring cleaning has a different meaning for different people, from a quick dust and polish around the house, to more ambitious redecorating and refurbishing – so what skip do you need for spring cleaning in your household?

Our residential skip hire covers all the bases so however ambitious your spring cleaning might be this year, we’ve got the skip you need to dispose of any waste.

Paint and polish

Spring cleaning is a time when you’ll often get through more materials – some of which can be quite bulky – than you do at other times of year.

That might mean empty containers that once held hazardous cleaning fluids, and are not suitable for disposal in household recycling bins, as well as things like dust sheets and empty paint tubs that just take up a lot of space.

Remember you don’t have to fill a skip for it to be worth hiring a domestic skip – our smaller sizes are ideal for small quantities of waste such as those involved with regular spring cleaning activities.

Rubble and renovations

For more extensive refurbishments and renovations, including house extensions, there’s likely to be all manner of rubble, plasterboard, spare bricks and other building materials to dispose of.

Again, it’s unlikely the bin men will take too kindly to a domestic wheelie bin full of bricks and plaster, so hire a domestic skip and make sure it’s got the capacity to handle all the waste you generate.

Unlike many other companies that provide skip hire in Bolton and the north-west, most of our residential skip hire only supplies walk-in containers – that means you don’t have to wheel a wheelbarrow up a steep ramp to dump waste inside.

Instead, you just have a low, convenient point of entry so it should be easy to get your waste materials into the skip, even if you don’t have any specialist equipment (or even a wheelbarrow) in your home.

Gardens and greenhouses

If your idea of spring cleaning involves getting the garden back to its best, then our skips are an eco-friendly skip hire option too.

Remember, even if you have a garden waste recycling bin, it usually won’t accept soil and might not allow woody growth like hardy shrub branches.

Likewise, your domestic glass recycling bin typically will not accept window glass, which includes the panes of a greenhouse if you are replacing or repairing those.

With domestic skip hire, you get a single convenient place to dispose of all your garden waste including soil, glass and rocks, without having to worry about which is the right bin, or even if you can put it in the bin at all.

Parking and permits

Finally, don’t worry if you don’t have a driveway, as we can deliver your skip to the roadside and arrange the necessary permit for it to stay there until collection.

We can provide you with all the paperwork you need to show that your waste has been removed for recycling and disposal – and we aim for 100% recycling or reuse, so that in most cases, nothing at all goes to land fill.

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