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How hiring a skip could save you a fortune

18 October 2019

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If you’re short of space in your home, hiring a skip could save you a fortune compared with the cost of moving to a larger property.

Hiring a skip for home clearances is a great way to give yourself some extra room to throw away the junk and clutter you don’t need.

It allows you to get the job done faster, compared with cramming an extra bag or two into your wheelie bin every two or three weeks.

And hiring a skip also means you can throw out a wider variety of items, including bulky furniture that might not be collected by the council.

But the potential for savings doesn’t stop there – especially if you decide to go ahead with a loft conversion to turn your attic into habitable space.

How much does a loft conversion save?

If you need an extra bedroom, a loft conversion is one of the main alternatives to moving house, but how much can you save by turning your attic into a bedroom?

Research by tradesperson comparison site HaMuch.com has found that in 96% of areas in the UK, it’s cheaper to convert your loft than it is to move to a bigger house.

On average, moving from a two-bedroom property to a three-bed costs between £68,000 and £106,000 more than a loft conversion, depending on area.

In London the difference between the two is eye-watering, at nearly £2 million more to move house to a three-bedroom property in the City of London than it costs to convert a loft.

Add space and add value

It’s not just the immediate cost savings that could have you hiring a skip and converting your loft space into a bedroom – the added habitable space also increases the value of your home.

HaMuch.com’s founder Tarquin Purdie explains: “A loft extension or other similar renovation can not only add space to your home, but it can also add some serious value.

“Three-bed homes are often the most sought after for growing families and as a result, the price difference between a two and three-bed home can take a notable step up.”

Combined with the lower cost of getting some more sleeping room for yourself and your family, this helps to make loft conversions doubly rewarding.

What size skip do I need?

The size of skip you need for a loft clearance or loft conversion can depend on how much junk you’ve already got stored up there, and how much work it will take to convert it into habitable space.

If your loft is currently empty, the main work might consist mainly of boarding it out and insulating between the roof supports rather than on the floor of the loft.

Even so, you’re likely to need a skip for offcuts of boards and leftover loft insulation, as this can be bulky and if you hire professional builders, it needs to be disposed of separately from your household waste.

By hiring a skip, you make sure any waste materials generated by tradespeople are taken away and subject to documented disposal, so that you comply with all of the current waste disposal duty of care regulations.

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