Confidential Waste Collection

Confidential waste refers to documents that disclose confidential and sensitive information about businesses, employees or customers. These documents need to be disposed of properly so that no one can find this information and use it for unauthorised purposes such as blackmail, fraud or identity theft.

Failing to dispose of confidential materials safely and securely can lead to a lot of problems down the line which is why there is strict government legislation in place to ensure the safe regulation of confidential waste. The UK 1988 Data Protection Act regulates the process of handling sensitive data and the necessity to destroy it. A failure to comply with this legislation can lead to issued fines. This Act requires companies to employ specialist confidential waste disposal services in order to avoid any mishandling of data.

J Dickinson and Sons understand that as a waste management company, we have a responsibility to protect sensitive data and it is in everyone’s interest to ensure that confidential waste is disposed of securely and without risk.