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Thinking of celebrating St. Patricks Day Tomorrow? Here are our top 5 things to do in and around Bolton

16 March 2017

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St. Patrick’s Day is almost upon us. Although traditionally an Irish celebration, it has been embraced and adopted by the English increasingly over the last couple of decades and is more popular than our own St. Georges day. So, why is that? What is it about St. Patrick’s day that makes us want to let our hair down & have a knees-up?!

To put it bluntly, everybody loves a party & the Irish certainly know a thing or two about throwing a shindig. St. Patrick himself is the most identifiable of the Catholic Patron Saints. Celebrating St. Patrick’s day is a celebration of Irish identity & with so many descendants of Irish Catholics in the North West, it’s not surprising it has become a day to look forward to (even if it isn’t a bank holiday!).

So, thinking of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, here are our top 5 things to do in and around Bolton;

Manchester’s Irish Festival – taking place from March 3-18th Albert Square is home to all things Irish for a two-week period if you’re looking for authentic food, drink and entertainment, head to the city centre

O’Driscolls St. Patricks Day Party – If you’re in the mood for a proper ‘do’ head to O’Driscolls. The entertainment starts at 12 pm with Schwebster Brother’s followed by Humdingers, Dublin Road, Dara Woods, Cú-Chulainn and the Joe Keegan Band

If you’re looking for something more local, there are several events taking place over the weekend. See the Bolton Evening News for all the listings

Rugby – What better way to finish off the weekend’s celebrations than by watching Ireland V England in the Six Nations? Local pubs (if you can face it) will be playing the game on their big screens, why not head out and support your preferred team?

Stay at home – If heading out into the madness really isn’t your thing, why not stay at home, stay warm, watch the rugby and eat some comfort food. This traditional Irish Stew recipe may be the perfect food for a chilly weekend

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