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How to choose the right skip for your home improvement project

25 April 2018

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Home improvement projects can get messy, and many people are caught off-guard by the sheer bulk of stripped wallpaper or ripped-up carpet and floorboards – and that’s even before you knock any walls or plasterboard out.

So how do you choose the right skip for a home improvement project? Obviously, it depends on the scale of the project, the size of any rooms being renovated, the number of rooms, and so on.

There are a few general rules of thumb to follow, though. Our walk-in skip hire is popular with householders as you generally don’t need any special lifting equipment to load waste into the skip – you can just walk it in using a wheelbarrow or on foot.

If you’re on the cusp between two skip sizes, it’s often a good idea to hire a skip of the next size up. You may pay a little more but it’s better to have the extra room for any waste you haven’t taken into account, rather than face the extra cost and delay of waiting for a whole new skip to be delivered when your too-small skip is full.

And if you’re planning something on a grand scale, our 8 cubic yard skips still give you a walk-in ramp but have the option of a lockable lid, so you won’t wake up to a mattress or a Mini dumped in your skip overnight.

What size skip do I need for my DIY project?

Our walk-in skips start from 2 cubic yards and are often referred to as ‘mini skips‘ in the trades – although if you’re sure it’s the size you need, then there’s no reason to go larger.

Mini skips are suited to fairly small DIY projects, such as clearing a garden or renovating a single room, and especially if the waste you produce will be fairly contained or compacted.

For bulkier waste, you can start to consider larger sizes. We have 3 cubic yard skips if you just want a little extra space – for example, if you’re not sure 2 cubic yards will be enough, or you know your project is slightly bigger than the typical household home improvement.

Medium or ‘midi skips’ come in at around 4 cubic yards. We still offer walk-in midi skips, but you’ll start to see the sides take on that familiar bucket skip shape rather than just a low enclosure.

‘Maxi skips’ are at the upper end of the range for domestic DIY projects, starting from 6 cubic yards up to our biggest domestic skips at 8 cubic yards.

You have a few options here – choose a vertically sided walk-in enclosure or a traditional bucket skip shape with a low entry ramp, both of which are suitable for wheelbarrow entry.

As mentioned above, you can also specify a lockable lid on 8 cubic yard bucket skips, giving you extra peace of mind and making this an excellent option if you will need to leave your skip out by the public roadside overnight.

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