Commercial bin collection near me

J Dickinson & Sons provide a specialist commercial waste collection service to residents in Greater Manchester. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and reliable service that can handle any type of waste.

We offer environmentally-friendly waste solutions to business waste as we understand how workplaces can become cluttered with unwanted litter and trade waste is something that needs to be disposed of properly and efficiently.

We offer a range of commercial trade bins that can suit any workplace. If you need a small commercial wheelie bin or a large 4 wheeler, we’ve got you covered.

Read on to find out more information about our commercial bin collection service or contact us for your general enquiries or to hire a commercial bin today.


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What is an example of commercial waste?

Any type of waste that is produced by a business is considered to be commercial waste. Commercial waste can accumulate in any business sector – from construction to hospitality.

There can be confusion around the distinction between commercial and domestic waste. Waste that is produced by a business in any form and is not limited to paper, cardboard, retail packaging, food waste etc. is commercial waste, therefore it must be disposed of separately from domestic waste.

You should not dispose of commercial waste in your personal domestic bin.