Skip hire makes spring clearing the new spring cleaning


Big Ben has barely bonged his last bong before thoughts turn to spring cleaning and ‘getting the house ready’ for the new year – but skip hire can help you turn your clean-up into a clear-out and free up some extra living space for the coming 12 months.

Why empty everything out of the cupboards and off of the shelves, only to put it back once you’ve dusted and polished? If you’ve cleaned the same stuff year after year for a decade, small skip hire could be the solution to not dusting it again in a year from now.

Some people are experts at clearing out unwanted items as they go along through life – but for the rest of us, getting rid of old possessions that lurk at the back of the cupboards is important to avoid turning our home into a hoard.

Small skip hire is perfect for piles of possessions

Ideally some of your once-prized possessions will find a new lease of life, whether you sell them online, give them to a charity shop, or just find a new place for them to be useful in your home.

But for anything that’s broken or has just seen better days, your standard domestic wheelie bin might not be the right place to put it.

There can be restrictions on what you’re allowed to put in general waste, and with collection schedules designed to maximise recycling, you might just not have space for anything bulky.

Hiring a small skip is a great solution – our smallest skips for hire start from just 2 cubic yards with a convenient walk-in side so there’s less heavy lifting.

What happens to skip waste?

If you use a reputable skip hire company like J Dickinson & Sons, we will collect your skip waste, take it to our recycling plant in Bolton, sort it and recycle or reuse as much of it as possible.

We are proud to offer skip hire in Bolton and surrounding areas with a target recycling rate of 100% – that means we aim to send nothing at all to landfill from the skip waste we collect from around the region.

This gives you some extra peace of mind that although some of your old belongings might not be in a good state of repair, the materials used in them could still be reprocessed and used in new products, or to generate energy rather than filling local landfill sites.

Get a small skip and clear some space

Our walk-in skips start from 2 cubic yards, with sizes up to 3, 4, 6 and 8 cubic yards – so however much stuff you want to clear out of your home, we can accommodate it.

Hire a small skip for a single room or if you have just a few things to dispose of, or ask us about our big skip hire if you’re not sure which size you might need.

We can help you to get the right size of skip and give you long enough to fill it before we come to collect it – leaving you with peace of mind and some extra living space to help you enjoy the coming year in comfort.